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"Kicha Kicha Misdei Ephron" (Kiddushin 2a).

Through kinyan and binyan, through acquisition and construction, we continue to magnify the Torah of Hebron.


Our Project: "400 Silver Shekels in Negotiable Currency"

The Hebron Rabbinical Research Institute was established in 1993 by rabbis and rabbinical court justices from Kiryat Arba-Hebron and environs, a group that coalesced under the leadership and guidance of HaRav HaGaon Rabbi Dov Lior, shelita, president of the Machon [i.e., the Institute], and under the directorship of Rabbi Yitzchak Rodrig, for fruitful, joint Torah study.

    The Machon serves as a center for practical Torah research dealing with weaving a Living Torah into the contours and challenges of modern times, touching on a broad variety of spheres. We deal with how Jewish law impacts on every aspect of Jewish life in the modern State of Israel: be it Jurisprudence, keeping the peace and safeguarding the country's security; society; family; marriage; science; medicine; technology or anything else.  

Alongside our preoccupation with Torah research, we are continuing to complete our research edifice which serves the rabbis of the Machon as well as the public at large for both study and prayer as well as many other Torah lectures and activities. 

We are now setting out on the next stage of construction, in hopes of completing the last remaining floor of the Machon's edifice. 

This floor will provide us with a large new beit midrash, as well as new study rooms for the Machon's rabbis. We call upon you to be partners with us in disseminating the Torah of Hebron. 

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